Backyard Independence Gig @ LIC Bar

Join Lauren and the band in the beautiful backyard performance space at LIC Bar on Sunday July 7th @ 6pm

45-58 Vernon Boulevard, LIC

Feel your own independence swell to bursting as you take in the music, the fresh air, and the last few <cracklecracklePOP>s of nearby revelers ūüôā

Fleet Week Follies with Waterwell

On Sunday May 26th, Lauren will have the honor of music directing this very special event!

It’s a one-day festival of food, music, and entertainment put on by New York performers for active duty and veteran service members. Line-up of amazing Broadway performers to be announced very soon.

Read up on the history of Stage Door Canteen — the inspiration for this event!

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Fleet Week Follies

I Resolve (live)

A live recording of “I Resolve” from the Zipper Factory (RIP)


Idle Hands (Live)

A live recording of “Idle Hands” from the Songs of Spirit benefit, featuring Charlie Brady & Carey Anderson


“Overdue” & “The Business of Being Born”

BBBoverdue“Overdue,” the short film by Arian Moayed for which Lauren composed the score,¬†has received its online premiere on The Business Of Being — the website for Ricki Lake’s celebrated film of the same title. ¬†“Overdue” explores the options available to a very pregnant mother-to-be (who prefers natural childbirth techniques) when living in a state with mandatory inductions 2 weeks after one’s due date. ¬† It approaches the subject with humor, grace, and authenticity. ¬†All those involved with the film are honored to find a home on Ms. Lake’s website, which celebrates natural childbirth and the pregnant woman.

T/K/O @ Joe’s Pub

TKOOn October 22nd, Joe’s Pub welcomed a cast of 12 and a band of 4 onto its stage to perform a concert reading of The / King / Operetta, freshly refined from its adventure at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. ¬†The all-star cast included Rodney Gardiner, Shelley Thomas, David Manis, Reed Birney, Will Harper, Brian Tyree Henry, JD Webster, Adrienne Warren, Hanna Cheek, and many, many more incredibly talented folk. ¬†The music was brought to an inspired new life, full of unyielding energy and emotional depth, as generously provided by the singers and musicians. ¬†It was a powerful night, and an always-empowering story.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival

In October ’12, Lauren and fellow Waterwell-ers, Tom Ridgely and Rodney Gardiner, were invited to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Black Swan Lab for New Work. ¬†The extremely talented members of the Festival workshopped The / King / Operetta over 5 days’ time, allowing the 3 inspired writers to refine existing material and try out the new. ¬†All this amidst the jaw-droppingly gorgeous scenery Ashland, OR has to offer. ¬†A true gift to theater and its denizens lives there.OSF